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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Chose A Bad Summer Camp.

(submitted by TH)

10. You thought MIME was an acronym. (Nicko)
9. Part of the camp's fee is marked as bail expenses. (Jocundus)
8. You had no idea there were 37 different ways to serve gruel. (sageandscholar)
7. You can't sleep because of all the sobbing and cries of "I want to go home" from the counsellors' room. (Maniac Bob)
6. A typical day starts with rock breaking, followed by brush clearing, and an egg eating contest. (Lekolight)
5. Camp song is simply shouting: "VERSE, VERSE, CHORUS, VERSE, CHORUS!" (Steve Gignac)
4. The "Black Widow Identification" activity is held in your cabin. (rorschak)
3. Your kids spend all day moderating some lame top ten list. (Kakazed and sumy. 7 months of bliss.)
2. There's a picture of Michael Jackson hanging in the camp director's office. (sbrogdon)
1. You thought "wildlife camp" meant something else. Now your fur itches, your paws are muddy and you think you have fleas. (Oren Otter)

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