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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Futile Google Searches

(submitted by Luv U 2)

10. Why doesn't he love me? (I told you so)
9. T.S. Eliot explained (Maniac Bob)
8. Frimgawatabusa (Oren Otter)
7. Now where did I put those car keys. . . (Gabrielle)
6. Romantic vuvuzela songs (Father Time)
5. "how to make myself a less google dependent web-user" (JLM2knowitall)
4. Hot women seeking overweight accountant living with parents (whyBother)
3. How to use Google (Asteria)
2. Mel Gibson's next movie (Good Ol' Horseface)
1. "#1 Top Ten List entry for: Futile Google Searches" (JLM2google-eyed)

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