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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Job Offers for BP's Ousted CEO Tony Hayward

(submitted by The Little Yellow Boat)

10. Louisiana Lifeguard (Major Tom/)
9. Gulf oil spill cleanup worker. You spill it, you wipe it up! (Yooda Mann)
8. Jiffy Lube? (jumpinjack)
7. Spokesman for the Priest Pedophile Union (IOIO)
6. Oil well plug (whyBother)
5. The dude in the parade that pushes the broom after the horses go by (Yooda Mann)
4. "Good morning, Welcome to Walmart!" (Yooda Mann)
3. New captain for the recently refurbished Exxon Valdez (Guppy Up!)
2. Duck Groomer (Major Tom)
1. "Cleanup in aisle 4... cleanup in aisle 4..." (danb)

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