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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs a Rock Band Is Too Old to Tour

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Hard to recreate previous European tour when highlights were; Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia... (Squeezette)
9. The Rolling Stones call them old. (a little glowing friend)
8. Fans bring their grandchildren. (byuguy)
7. Split tennis balls on the bottom of the mic stand. (RAM)
6. The groupies go home with the security staff instead .... (Oops! I did it again)
5. Too weak to smash their guitars. (whyBother)
4. They do drugs, but store them in flip-top plastic containers with day of the week labels. (finlero)
3. The band needs to turn their hearing aids up to 11. (Rocco Benedetto Di Cane)
2. At outdoor venues lead singer keeps yelling at kids to get off of his lawn. (JimBean)
1. The tour bus has had the blinker on for 20 miles now. (Stephen H)

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