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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are Really a Robot

(submitted by Tasha)

10. You know this really cool "human-dance" and you are pretty good at it! (JDAii)
9. Everyone keeps saying, "Did anyone ever tell you ya look just like C3PO?" (jumpinjack)
8. The last dream before you wake up in the morning always ends with a huge neon sign that reads "GOTO 10." (Major Tom)
7. You went to the hospital for a hip replacement and they told you to wait 6 to 8 weeks for the part to come in. (Gregj09)
6. When you're cleaning your apartment, you bump into things and make a lot of noise. (Sheriff)
5. You can't understand why The Motion Picture Acadamy hasn't awarded Keanu Reeves a best actor Oscar due to his vast emotional range. (MJLehde)
4. Sometimes you do a line of WD-40 when no one else is around. (batman (no thumbs))
3. You are capable of reading everything on the internet in every language...except those darned CAPTCHAs. (quistis)
2. Either that or the oil leak you've discovered means you'd better get yourself to a urologist darn quick. (MJLehde)
1. "If I answer this, it won't harm anybody, will it? and if I don't answer this, will anybody be harmed then? Just checking..." (Squeezette)

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