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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things We'd Rather Forget, Now That Summer Is Ending

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. The credit card bill from the cruise ship casino (sbrogdon)
9. Spending the Christmas savings account on an impulse vacation (Magus Noan)
8. The adorable "incentive" bikini - two sizes smaller - that is still hanging on the back of the bedroom door, unused (Magus Noan)
7. The taste of "fair food" (sbrogdon)
6. That experiment involving lawn darts, a taco salad, and a bicycle pump (darthgator)
5. How you fixed the lawn mower with parts from the snow thrower (Maniac Bob)
4. The feeling of beach sand deep in your shorts (sbrogdon)
3. The Noodle Incident. I know the kid with the stuffed tiger is responsible, I just can't prove it (Raven)
2. The second runner up on "America's Got Talent" looked like a cross dressing Uncle Sam. (The Frunkus Kid)
1. Oil does not always float. (DaPope)

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