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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to Look Forward to When They Thaw Out Your Cryogenically Frozen Head and Put it on a Robot Body

(submitted by darthgator)

10. Doing the human on So You Think You Can Dance season 8670 (Flip201)
9. Your long-practiced Lost in Space robot imitation will finally come in handy. (Chuck1863)
8. Disappointment when they tell you that there are still no flying cars (Thomas Palsson)
7. You too will be able to bat .406 in the major leagues. (HOLDEN GEEZERLY)
6. Breakdancing as if you were built for it (Major Tom)
5. Landing your dream job on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (El Barton)
4. Actually eating an ice cream cone to go with the ice cream headache you've had for the last 200 years (Squeezette)
3. Your "beer gut" will be replaced by a functional keg. (Tristan)
2. Getting a new pet cat and freaking it out even more than the Roomba does (finlero)
1. Finally being able to date "Rosie" from the Jetsons (No Problem!)

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