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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Only a Mom Would Say

(submitted by SquallNeo2004)

10. Being selected #10 is an honor. Do you know how many other people were #10? None! (Shaggy Wolf)
9. ...and he attends clown AND mime college! (numbergirl)
8. I'm cold. Put on a sweater. (NerfmanB)
7. So you got those beads for smiling really big? (Steady)
6. Oh sweetie, everyone wears Cavaricci's, I've seen them on the Music Television! (ardnax)
5. Do these kids make me look fat? (vipercat)
4. So she looks great in a bikini? So what?! With those hips she'll never have children! (sbrogdon)
3. I still think you'd be better off with that girl that lived next door to us when you were in the third grade. (Major Tom)
2. Go ahead, leave. It'll break my heart but you don't care. Can I fix you a plate for the car? (Major Tom)
1. You were great on 20/20, Charlie! (FanofDan, Steady)

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