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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Proposal Faux Pas

(submitted by Kent)

10. If you need a projector screen, PowerPoint, and a laser pointer; you may want to reconsider your approach. (YoDoy)
9. So how 'bout it? We can always get a divorce later ... (Magus Noan)
8. Using her sister's name. (rorschak)
7. Can you hurry up and give me an answer, the game is about to start. (GC3)
6. I asked Sherry and she said no, so I was thinking you're not so bad.... (Spoticus)
5. You can't decide where to do it...Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. (vipercat)
4. After a classy evening, quickly dropping the ring into the bottom of her Big Gulp. (Pertinax)
3. Red roses, candles, your favourite sushi place... As it turns out, she's allergic to pollen, wax and fish. (Aleekt)
2. Trying to explain the cost/benefit analysis on bended knee. (Major Tom)
1. After she says, "Yes," ask, "Is that your final answer?" (Arcola "Lawn Ranger" Mike)

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