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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Cultural Norms of Today that Will Make People Laugh in 100 Years

(submitted by Pertinax)

10. Using flickering light to watch reality on rectangle boxes (Pertinax)
9. Lolcats (Deeeva)
8. Baggie droopie pants with your boxers showing... oh, wait a minute, I'm laughing already. (RiverCityKid)
7. Telling everyone what you are doing at every moment of the day (McBrackney)
6. Calling something a "Smart Phone" when it can't sythesize anything or even teleport them anywhere (sbrogdon)
5. Using a phone to talk to others (El Barton)
4. "No, 'cursive' wasn't a font. It's how people wrote letters. Y'know writing... with a pen. Y'know like a stylus with ink: thick, black goo smeared on a page... oh forget it, they were barbarians." (YoDoy)
3. The idea that men can't discuss business without tying hideous rags around their necks (Chuck1863)
2. "I no it seems crzy Jr, but ther wuz a time when ppl actuly takd 2 1 anothr fac 2 fac" (YoDoy)
1. A karaoke contest is the highest rated television show. (GC3)

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