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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Suspicious Claims in Real Estate Ads

(submitted by Miss Kitty)

10. Complete with Backyard Cemetery! (Holden Geezerly)
9. As seen on COPS! (Mute)
8. Beautiful ocean views! Only a short drive to Denver. (aleekt)
7. Recently washed (El Barton)
6. No murders since 1994! (Mute)
5. Free wireless internet!!!!* (*As long as the Johnsons next door don't move or put a password on their router). (Mute)
4. Enough water in basement for indoor pool. (jumpinjack)
3. Backyard sinkhole great for bungee jumping. (jumpinjack)
2. 2.5 Bedroom 1.5 Bath Split-level. Slight water damage. This house is smokin! (Gregj09)
1. Grt. Neighborhood: All your windows will need grates. (Bentley Bones)

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