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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Other Reasons People are Occupying Wall Street

(submitted by V2487)

10. Searching desperately for the other half of their 401k's that disappeared there. (No Dear they didn't)
9. To see if the people really do look like their Face Book pictures (sbrogdon)
8. Taking a survey of the Occupants to decide whether to invest in Coleman, Sierra Designs, or North Face (Oops they did it again.)
7. Too young for the Soviet revolution; Can't remember the 60s. (sbrogdon)
6. "And soon pinky, we'll take over the world!" (the brain)
5. Mom wanted to bug bomb the basement. (RAM)
4. It's a great excuse to finally settle the conundrum of how it can be a wall and a street at the same time. (Ilsoap)
3. Rumor has it an Apple Store is going to open there in Spring 2015. (Squeezette)
2. Mistakenly thought is was a casting call for extras on the movie "Wall Street." ((Chicken-Beepers))
1. "Wall St.? I thought I was in a TSA check point line at JFK." (sbrogdon)

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