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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your iPhone Knows More Than You

(submitted by jrbcolorado)

10. After repeated tries, still can't get the damned thing to stop blinking "12:00:00". (nerfmanB)
9. It just recieved a Nobel Prize. (thunderclan)
8. Every time someone wants to talk to me, it lets me know! Awesome, huh?! (Squeezette)
7. It made the Top Ten list 3 times, you never do. (sbrogdon)
6. It asks, "What are you doing Dave?" while you set the timer. (Mad Hatter)
5. It went missing *before* the earthquake warning, only to be found back in the most secure part of the house. (Andre)
4. While you were getting stoned with illegal immigrants it wrote your term paper in chemistry for you. (The Frunkus Kid)
3. It reminded you about your anniversary, your kid's birthday, and your court date. (Outsyder)
2. Yesterday Siri had to remind you to put on pants. (ardnax)
1. Siri where am I? Siri who is calling? Siri when is my next meeting? I need ten signs my iPhone DOESN'T know more than me. (Wiki)

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