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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Kim Kardashian's Top ten Tips To A Long Lasting Marriage

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Manage his expectations of 'Long Lasting' from the beginning. (Buttsey57)
9. You're free to do whoever you want pre-maritally. Post-maritally, keep it on the down-low. (Good Ol' Horseface)
8. I'd just, like, marry myself because, like, I'm the only one who , like, understands me or is good enough for me. (sbrogdon)
7. While playing dumb is appealing to single guys, apparently husbands find it quite annoying. (lefty)
6. Umm remember the guys name. (Rosey)
5. Jump right in and film it all. (Buttsey57)
4. Measure it in dog-years or something. (Maniac Bob)
3. Spend as much time apart as possible, so you don't get tired of each other. (lefty)
2. Buy a carton of milk on your wedding day and see which goes bad first (WAM)
1. Britney Spears's record was made to be broken. After that, you're free to do it right. (Good Ol' Horseface)

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