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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things NASA Doesn't Want You To Know About New Planet Kepler-22b

(submitted by nerfmanB)

10. You know that mountain range on Mars that looks like a face? Kepler-22b has one that looks like they are mooning us. (Wools)
9. Kirk and Spock beamed down there on star date 2041.8. (jumpinjack)
8. Initial size estimates were a bit off. It might actually be a space potato. (JDTAY)
7. Everyone there is an exact alter-ego of everyone on Earth, but they have goatee beards or wear vests. (WAM)
6. Redacted pages on WikiLeaks alludes to it as the "Death Star." (CrazyPopeye)
5. This one really IS made of green cheese. (al, Major Tom)
4. Our apology for broadcasting reality television won't reach them before they launch their retaliation fleet. (Chuck1863)
3. It's all they got for trading in Pluto as a slighty-used planet. (rorschak)
2. It is where they filmed the fake moon landings. (johnnycp)
1. Senior NASA execs have already obtained exclusive Starbucks franchise rights. (lefty, Wools)

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