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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons To Take Up Chess

(submitted by p0m)

10. Chess pieces are more difficult to swallow than checkers. (Buffalo Gal)
9. Your doctor tells you that you need less excitement in your life. (Major Tom)
8. You claimed to be a chess grand master to pick up women and it finally worked, so now it's time to read the rules. (Chuck1863)
7. You can enjoy the park during the day without giving off that "Pedophile" vibe. (BABaker)
6. Your Xbox subscription ran out. (Paladin)
5. If you talk to the telemarketers about the game and your best moves they won't call back. (Wools)
4. For every time your parents said you couldn't have a pony for Christmas. Now you have two! (McBrackney)
3. Chicks dig Castling. (V2487, BABaker)
2. You get to sit on your butt for hours on end, doing nothing, and people think you are a genius. (AlHubb)
1. You'll finally be able to grasp some of the more subtle aspects of the song "One Night in Bangkok." (MLehde, Micklin T. Rahe, Who Can't Recite Every Verse Of "One Night In Bangkok" To Save His Life)

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