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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons for Texas to Secede from the Union

(submitted by Buffalo Gal)

10. The NFL and NBA will gain a much needed multi-national look. (AlHubb)
9. Nobody will be shocked or "appalled" when Texas attacks Iran, Cuba, Mexico and Columbia. (BABaker)
8. They will be, once and for all, the biggest of everything in their country. (Geoduck)
7. Texas can show the world how border security, capital punishment, and open containers are supposed to be done. (BABaker)
6. The rest of the country refuses to accept Barbeque as a vitamin. (Wools)
5. It'll finally give a reason for people to stop calling the Cowboys "America's Team." (V2487)
4. To keep anymore of George W Bush's relatives from going into politics (The Frunkus Kid)
3. They don't officially speak Spanish, but they don't exactly speak English, either. (Magus Noan)
2. Much like when a college leaves a conference, we charge them a $16 Trillion dollar exit fee. (BABaker)
1. South Dakota's refusal to add Chuck Norris's face to Mount Rushmore was the last straw. (MLehde)

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