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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Catchy Slogans for North Korea's Space Program

(submitted by Squeezette)

10. We go Boom! (Norm Shelton)
9. This Axis of Evil Reaches The Stars! (rorschak)
8. Our Rockets: now featuring people inside! (daddydon)
7. Come witness our first strike rate capabilities (BABaker)
6. What goes up will come spiraling down in a ball of flames. (GC3)
5. If at first you don't succeed... lie, lie again. (lefty)
4. Proudly going where only Kim Jun Il has gone before. (Deeeva)
3. Our lack of safety measures shows our confidence in success. (BABaker)
2. Check out what we bought you instead of food! (BABaker)
1. A Space Program: the last thing Kim Jong Un needed to qualify as a Bond villian (MLehde)

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