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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That You Overpaid for Your Haircut

(submitted by pauljfeld)

10. The place you went has an accent, tilde, or umlaut anywhere in the name. (finlero)
9. The paperwork you filled out before the haircut shows up on your credit report. (BaBaker)
8. Only three hundred dollars for that chic, 'accidental chewing gum in hair' look (quistis)
7. Once she was halfway done she decided to renegotiate the price. It all went down hill from there. (Wools)
6. When you look in the mirror after getting a haircut you discover that was all that was cut: a hair. (AlHubb)
5. Buy one get one half off... didn't mean what you thought it meant. (Gregj09)
4. Your ex is doing it as a favor. (Maniac Bob)
3. The shop advertises hand-cut, pesticide-free styling. (Maniac Bob)
2. The flashy digital $8 sign was just the starting price of the meter. (Pertinax)
1. The stylist is surrounded by 3 assistants, who actually cut your hair. (Strat)

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