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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the Cubs Will Win the World Series This Year

(submitted by AlHubb)

10. Even the powers that be are tired of hearing the Cubs fans whine at this point. (Outsyder)
9. Chicago fans have heard on good authority that the entire St. Louis Cardinals starting line up plans to call in sick for the month of September. (MLehde)
8. Enough Cubs fans converted to Voodoo to overcome the Hex of the Goat. (AlHubb)
7. "The big guy, see, wants the Cubs to win 'cuz he's got some money down on them. So, if youse like your kneecaps youse will see they win, got it?" (AlHubb)
6. God's computer crashed and His backup system still uses the Hebrew calendar, so He thinks the year is now 5772. (Chuck1863)
5. Every so often, something really really unlikely has to happen to avoid allowing all the likely things to become certainties. (Pertinax)
4. Because if they don't, Chicago will be sold to Canada. (darthgator)
3. Their seeing eye dogs have been trained to bark when the ball reaches the plate. (Chuck1863)
2. Ernie Banks just converted to Voodoo. (Good Ol' Horseface)
1. Doesn't the Mayan calendar say "A bear cub will steal the world, bringing ice to hell and darkness to the world", or something like that? (Mute)

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