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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Other Maya Predictions

(submitted by p0m)

10. November 22, 2012: The turkeys shall rise up in vengeance against the US. (JDTAY)
9. One day, stone calendars will be replaced by something really cool. (Lone Star)
8. The Death of Dick Clark. (El Barton)
7. By 2010, iguana will be known as "the other white meat". (Major Tom)
6. Something, something, rain, something, corn/maize. (El Barton)
5. "Human Sacrifice Success Stories" will be the #1 reality show, 3 years running. (Major Tom)
4. In the year 2012, the Cubs will win a spring training game. (Pertinax)
3. The Mayan Nation will last forever and rule the earth. I guess that one is off. (sbrogdon)
2. Brekkek kekkek coax coax quetzalcoatl Chuck Norris atlatl tenochtitlan. (Good Ol' Horseface)
1. 2013- 2522 Mayan calendar will be discovered in Escondido by Barry- in a special episode of Storage Wars. (lefty)

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