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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Other Secret Service Scandals We Don't Know About

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. The director was instrumental in a backroom deal giving Bush the 2000 election because he couldn't find any agents able to stay awake through an Al Gore inauguration. (lefty)
9. President Obama's mad ninja skills make guarding him pointless, so the last three years have been one continuous party. (MJLehde)
8. The awful scene in Omaha that involved corn on the cob, cherry Kool-Aid, and kazoos (AlHubb)
7. Secret service ear pieces are still made in a Taiwan child labor sweat shop. (Strat)
6. The used to wear jackets with a stylized 'S S' logo until someone pointed out it's been done before. (rorschak)
5. The Hillary Clinton eye rolling drinking game (BABaker)
4. They actually ran the country for 8 years by using magnets to control George Bush's Magic 8 Ball. (Pertinax)
3. Victoria's secret was cracked along time ago, but they still insist on doing more "research." (El Barton)
2. The elaborate agency-wide gambling scheme wagering on first family facts, such as the over/under on how many peas Michelle leaves on her plate (lefty)
1. They lost Dick Cheney and had to replace him with his evil-er double from a parallel universe. (Geoduck)

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