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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Perks of Being a Supreme Court Judge

(submitted by XLR8R)

10. You never get benched at the annual softball game. (Chuck1863)
9. Knowing that if you and the others institute "Moonwalk Wednesday," 200 years from now, there's still be a Moonwalk Wednesday. (BABaker)
8. You can wear a black gown and not be accused of being emo. (Good Ol' Horseface)
7. If you want to act like Judge Harry T. Stone, nobody can stop you. (BABaker)
6. For the rest of your life, work clothing expenses only include underwear and a wristwatch. (BABaker)
5. Pulling special Supreme Court Justice black robes over your head = instant invisibility. (rorschak)
4. Johnny from fourth grade who took your lunch money. Well, he's unconstitutional now. (p0m)
3. If you develop the reputation of being a swing vote, you never have to buy lunch. (lefty)
2. With the exception of your spouse, you overrule everyone in America. (BABaker)
1. Considering the power you wield, and the on-the-job attire, you're one mask and helmet away from being Darth Vader. (BABaker)

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