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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Surprising New Apple Products

(submitted by ip0m)

10. Apple Banana (Steve Weiss)
9. iWait: The Official New Apple Product Countdown Clock (V2487)
8. iCaramba - small earpiece spouts random cartoon catch phrases in your ear (rorschak)
7. The iSore: highly functional, but ugly, so no one asks to borrow it. (BullFrog)
6. The iPatch: A heads-up-display personal organizer for pirates and everyone else! (BullFrog)
5. Apple Juice, a power back-up system. (AlHubb)
4. iAye - nautical charting system (rorschak)
3. The iCushion, basically an iPad with a super wide screen. (Norm Shelton)
2. The Apple Turnover, an iPad with a second screen on the back. (Chuck1863)
1. The iSafe, stores all your personal data, financial information and family secrets in one spot, shared by you, and Apple. (BABaker)

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