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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways The Olympics Will Be Typically British

(submitted by p0m)

10. The last leg of the triathlon will include a fox hunt. (johnnycp)
9. Despite being the "Summer" Olympics, the weather will be gray and dreary, as always. (Mute)
8. Instead of chugging Gatorade, athletes will be sipping a teacup of Earl Grey. (quistis)
7. Instead of ratings from 1-10, judges rate on a scale from "bloody awful" to "brilliant!" (Bentley Bones)
6. Bob Costas will only be allowed to refer to the USA as "The colonies." (Bentley Bones)
5. Chance of rain: 400%. (Good Ol' Horseface)
4. Grunting during field & track events will be limited to a polite cough. (Major Tom)
3. The coverage will feature a number of jokes that nobody else on the planet finds funny. (BABaker)
2. At some point during the opening ceremonies, a soccer game will break out, followed by a riot. (Major Tom)
1. Gold, Silver and Bronze Teeth will be awarded. (WAM)

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