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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Destinations for Summer Vacation

(submitted by a little glowing friend)

10. The Bowling Pin Museum in Gackle, ND, just down the highway from Cannon Ball ND (AlHubb)
9. A week-long walking tour of Lower Manhattan, to show the kids all of the sites where you've been mugged (Major Tom)
8. Two and a Half Flags over Omaha (johnnycp)
7. The Galviston Steel Barrel Remanufacturer's Convention July 30 and 31 (RAM)
6. Charlie Sheen's Camp of Win (Good Ol' Horseface)
5. The little town of BedBug, on Mosquito Island (Major Tom)
4. A swing state (Gabrielle)
3. The New Neverland Ranch theme park in Sandusky, Ohio (BABaker)
2. Debate Prep Seminar with Governor Mitt Romney (Tristan)
1. A pilgrimage to the GoogleMaps office, to find out how they create all of those better destination (Major Tom)

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