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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Changes That Probably Won't Happen on Wheel Of Fortune

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10. Last week's losing contestants take turns being strapped on the wheel. (Strat)
9. Instead of "Bankrupt" there will be a "Take a punch in the face" space on the wheel. (AlHubb)
8. To appeal to their target demographic the category "Prescription Medicine" will be added. (BABaker)
7. When a contestant tries to guess the puzzle and is wrong, Vana opens fire on their kneecaps with a shotgun. (MLehde)
6. 40% more "Bankrupt" wedges to reflect the current economic climate (Mute)
5. There will be a "Trapdoor" space on the wheel. (AlHubb, MLehde)
4. Now with foreign words and phrases! "Can I buy that O thing with the line through it?" (The Incognito Penguin, AlHubb)
3. W31c0m3 2 Wh331 0f F0r7un3! 1337-sp33k 3dition! (Mute, Major Tom)
2. Rent To Own Vowels (Madam Annie Whittington)
1. Pat's hair will move. (Bentley Bones)

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