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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Least-Successful Internet Scams

(submitted by p0m)

10. Backwards Pyramid Scheme. It still hasn't panned out, but I'm hopin'. (Gregj09)
9. The Nigerian peanut butter and jelly sandwich offer (Maniac Bob)
8. SeNd Me Ur MoNiEz ThIs Is ToTaLlY nOt A sCaM!!1! (Asteria)
7. Create an interactive top ten list and then sell the lists to a late night talk show (Raven)
6. A nite with Richard Simmons just $14.95 (jumpinjack)
5. Greek Prince needs your help!! (rorschak)
4. A Nigerian prince will send you millions of dollars if you pull his finger. (Wools)
3. Get rich slowly, through education and hard work. (finlero)
2. The Leona Helmsley virus was not nearly as successful as the Anna Kournikova virus (BABaker)
1. "Clean your room or this email will unleash a virus that will break your PC..." - MOM I KNOW IT'S YOU! (El Barton)

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