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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Hidden Features of the iPhone 5

(submitted by Little Yellow Boat)

10. Transforms into a fully functional Apple II, including 5 1/4 floppy disk ports. (Ilsoap)
9. If you press a hidden button, you get this cool video of Princess Leia asking for help from some old guy. (al)
8. When it detects a call from an iPhone6, it displays an ad for it and then malfunctions. (Chuck1863)
7. When it's within 10 feet of an android phone it transmits a virus to the android and plays "We are the champions." (BABaker)
6. Siri is replaced by Mr. T, who pities the fool who don't know what time sunset is. (BABaker)
5. It will keep detailed notes of every location you have ever gone to... in case you get lost, yea that's it. (Raven)
4. A groupon for a free tattoo that says "My kids and my money belong to Apple" (Tristan)
3. Emitter off to the side of the Wifi antenna transmitts an even stronger signal to your brains hippocampus also know as the "Fanboy center." (Strat)
2. The 0.7mm thick steel plate that makes it fit perfectly in the carrying case you just bought for your iPhone 4S. (Squeezette)
1. Type a series of ten digits and immediately speak in real time to a friend! (Silver girl)

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