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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are At A Bad State Park

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. The "Rustic Cabins" consist of a cardboard box and a tarp. (RAM)
9. Based on the numerous tour buses driving by, your campsite apprears to be the main attraction. (lefty)
8. "Old Faithful" the the head ranger's nickname. And it refers to his farting schedule. (rorschak)
7. The sign says "Feed any animal you see, maybe they'll stay!" (BABaker)
6. After every statement the tour guide adds "...and stuff." (BABaker)
5. The "moose" looks suspiciously like a Great Dane with a couple of tree branches taped to his head. (AlHubb)
4. The picnic area is a bunch of TV trays set up near the "forest," which is a wallpaper mural on the side of the visitor center. (AlHubb)
3. The park ranger has a bumper sticker on his jeep: "Leave No Trace... of Evidence" (JimsGP)
2. Instead of Smokey Bear warning about forest fires, the park features Scruffy the Sewer Rat lecturing kids about discarded needles. (MLehde)
1. The historical marker at the park entrance commemorates this as the site where, in the summer of 1876, George Custer and many members of the 7th US Calvary suffered a protracted bout of explosive diarrhea. (MLehde)

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