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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons the US Post Office Will Stop Saturday Deliveries

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. They've got a whole lot of episodes of "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson" to catch up on. Yes, they're that behind. (Micklin T. Rahe, "Headlines" Afficionado)
9. Too many complaints about postmen watching Saturday football from outside people's windows (scamp)
8. They went $500 Million over budget on those stupid shorts. (jumpinjack)
7. So they can mow their lawns on Saturdays and no longer will have to sneak away from the Post Office during the week to do it. (AlHubb)
6. They actually tried it for six months in 2011 and no one even noticed. (lefty)
5. Still trying to catch up on 59 leap days (rorschak)
4. They get an extra day with your Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue before you get it. (Shaggy Wolf)
3. When explaining the importance of Saturday service, the Postmaster General just couldn't keep a straight face in front of Congress any longer. (lefty)
2. Rain, Sleet and Snow: no problem, but Saturday Morning Cartoons: forget it. (Spoticus, J.A.M.S. Little Brother)
1. They figure people can wait until Monday for their junk mail. (Wools)

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