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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Dennis Rodman Learned on His Diplomacy Visit with Kim Jong Un

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Korea is split into two parts?!?! (FB09)
9. No matter where on earth you live, what your country's political ideology is, what race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or age group you belong to - a freak is a freak. (Thomas Palsson)
8. In Kim Johg-un's dialect of Korean, "dinner guest" and "food taster" are the same word. (Major Tom)
7. The 38th parellel has nothing to do with parking a car. (JAM's Little Brother)
6. There is nothing in North Korea designed for someone 6'6". (lefty)
5. Not only was "Kim" a dude, it was his last name. (jk60611)
4. Communist perceptions of the "Wicked West" gives people the wrong idea when you wear a wedding dress to dinner. (Major Tom)
3. You don't have to be tall to be a freak! (Paladin)
2. Kim Jong Il is actually the best NBA player of all time and on several occasions beat Michael Jordan in a 1-on-1 game of hoops, but graciously agreed not to tell anyone. (Mute)
1. Even meeting with a third-rate despot can get you back in the media spotlight. (Magus Noan)

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