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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Tweets From The Mayflower Upon Arrival at Plymouth Rock

(submitted by Chuck1863)

10. LMFAO not = Left MayFlower Arrived Okay. (lefty)
9. Whew, free to worship as we please, now off to impose christianity on the natives. (BABaker)
8. It's great to be away from England. Now let's name everything we see after the places we left behind. (Chuck1863)
7. It looked so much different on #disappointed (Spoticus)
6. Praise God, can barf on dry land now. (Magus Noan)
5. This trip was almost as bad as that Carnival cruise we took last year (JAM)
4. Border security nowhere to be seen. First illegal immigrants! Yes! (why)
3. Next time I will remember to Pee before a trip like that #relieved (Spoticus)
2. MayflowerNerd is now mayor of PlymouthRock on Foursquare! (Tristan)
1. @motherinlaw - You were right, the Earth is flat and we fell off. Really going to miss you. (Pertinax)

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