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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses For Waiting This Long To Get Your Taxes Done

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. You have a landline, a Walkman, a Ford Escort and an AOL email address... what did you expect? (Major Tom)
9. Your accountant only just now made bail after his unfortunate spot of difficulty last April. (MLehde)
8. They got you on "married or single." It's complicated! (Maniac Bob)
7. You thought tax preparation was covered under ObamaCare with everything else. (Jam's Little Brother)
6. You're waiting for Mitt Romney to send you the little form to confirm that you're in the "47%." (BullFrog)
5. You just finished transforming your 1040 into origami crane. Let the IRS have as much fun unfolding form as you had filling it out! (JAM)
4. You've been really hoping the sequestration cuts would hit the IRS before you had to file. (Mute)
3. You can't submit electronically due to difficulty finding username that's not already taken on Turbo Tax. (Jam's Little Brother)
2. Allowing the government to earn as much interest as possible from your $4.38 refund check is the patriotic thing to do. (MLehde)
1. When the sequestration went into effect, you stopped figuring your taxes in an act of solidarity. (MLehde)

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