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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Keep the Penny in Circulation

(submitted by BABaker)

10. I need 10,000 more to finish the floor in my man-cave bar. (JAM's Friend PRL3)
9. "Take a nickel, leave a nickel" feels a little too generous. (Tristan)
8. Find a _________ and pick it up, the rest of the day you'll have what? What will we have? Somebody, please tell me what we'll have! (Jam's Little Brother)
7. We're not sure the nickel could take the shock of finding itself on the bottom of the food chain, (lefty)
6. They only cost 2 cents each to make, and it creates more government jobs. (Norm Shelton)
5. They empower the nation's senior citizens to hold up lines while they search for them in their little change purses. (whyBother)
4. With your I-phone in the left front pocket, you need a handful of pennies in the right to keep your pants balanced. (IOIO)
3. Canada just got rid of their penny last year. If the US does it now, we'll look like copycats. (Mute)
2. If we don't, the giant statue in the Lincoln Memorial will come to life and stomp us all like bugs. (MLehde)
1. First Pluto and now the Penny? Wake Up People! (Jam's Little Brother)

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