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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Get that Terminal College Student to Graduate

(submitted by Buffalo Gal)

10. Start labeling the rooms in your house after places on a college campus: C Hall, Science wing, Honor's Dorm, Office of the Dean, etc. (JAM's Friend PRL3)
9. Point out that a sophmore shopping for Depends undergarments is just plain wrong on so many levels. (MLehde)
8. Change the graduation ceremony into a kegger. (meh)
7. Tell her to "Graduate or you will have to share a bedroom with old incontinent Aunt Mabel." (Buffalo Gal)
6. Start hosting your daily Zumba classes in the finished basement he's been calling home for the last 5 years. (whyBother)
5. Improve the economy so she can acutally get a job. (Mute)
4. Extra credit for every entry that makes CSITTL. Double if it's #1. (Madam Annie Whittington)
3. Get the commons to stop serving peanut-butter-banana sandwiches. (Buffalo Gal)
2. Enroll yourself, meet your kid at their dorm wearing bellbottoms, headband, and Lennon glasses with an arm load of Led Zepplin albums under your arm and then greet them with "Hey Roomie!" (MLehde, Wools, JAM's Friend PRL3)
1. Start rubbing lamps till a genie pops out. It should only take about...eternity

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