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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things that are Fun to Super Glue® Together

(submitted by i cant unstick my hands)

10. Jon Stewart and Rush Limbaugh should be fun to glue together. (Stephen H)
9. The positive poles of two magnets: Then watch the glue and the laws of attraction & repulsion fight it out. (MLehde)
8. The three layers of an oreo cookie (Buffalo Gal)
7. Glue a sledge hammer to the pavement and tell people it's Thor's hammer. (Chuck1863)
6. Beer to the bottom of a cooler (JAM's Friend PRL3)
5. Your daughter's thumbs, so she can't text as much. (Magus Noan)
4. Your Ex- and their previous Ex- (Draco Dei)
3. Motel room curtains: They never stay fully shut. (Steve Weiss)
2. A quarter to the pavement next to a parking meter in front of the city hall (Buffalo Gal)
1. One bottle of Super Glue to another bottle of Super Glue: The irony. is just, well, super. (whyBother)

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