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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Watch the Scrolling Text on CNN

(submitted by the real slim santa)

10. Your doctor said you'd better start paying attention to your ticker. (whyBother)
9. It's the best thing on CNN right now. (Madam Annie Whittington)
8. They've started adding marriage proposals in along with the news stories. (Madam Annie Whittington)
7. The CIA encodes their transmissions in there. At least, that's what your neighbor Elvis says. (Outsyder)
6. The scroll just said "Educators Say Americans Not Reading Enough." (Tristan)
5. You just got done watching the paint dry. (jumpinjack)
4. You can use the repeat interval as an egg timer. (Squeezette)
3. Record it, play it backwards, and you have Fox News. (BABaker)
2. If you don't watch, wheat futures could drop $.02 and you'd be the last to know. (whyBother)
1. To....improve....your....attention....span....which....has....been....short....lately......and... COMMERCIAL BREAK! (The Incognito Penguin)

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