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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs College Is About Ready to Resume

(submitted by MLehde)

10. Your kid has a complete list of dates he'll be cutting class right up until Christmas break. (jumpin jack)
9. The local market has just filled its isles with Keystone Light and Miller High Life. (Strat)
8. The only rival to the joy shown by your student offspring at returning to campus is the joy of their younger siblings at seeing them leave. (MLehde)
7. College age students are starting to go into their school-year routine by sleeping only 20 hours a day. (AlHubb)
6. Your small, quiet town is suddenly invaded by a bunch of damn hippies! (BABaker)
5. Staples is stocking up on protest-ready card stock. (Bentley Bones)
4. You're looking at your IRA to see how much you can borrow against it, to cover the sudden increase in tuition. (Magus Noan)
3. Parents prepare to see an 80% drop in their weekly grocery expenses. (MLehde)
2. Students begin practicing their "Dear Mom & Dad, Please Send Money" letters. (MLehde)
1. The staff at most fast food places now consists of 50-year-olds who are afraid of the cash register. (BABaker)

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