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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to Never Bring up in Polite Conversation

(submitted by ASB)

10. Accidently chopping off your finger tip into the sliced tomatoes you are serving to your guests (Buffalo Gal)
9. One word: backhair (jumpin jack)
8. "So, I've noticed that your wife's beard is getting fuller." (BABAker)
7. How polite you are being by not calling people what they are. (Maniac Bob)
6. The number 288. It's too gross. (The Evil Professor Ragan)
5. The weird sex dream you had about Andy Rooney and Barbara Walters (Buffalo Gal)
4. Yes, we all know what Florida is shaped like. (johnnycp)
3. "Are you SURE, you're not pregnant ma'am?" (BABaker)
2. How many times you made the number one entry on Christian and Scott's Top Ten List (Haven't we all?)
1. Nose hangers. Just helpfully flick 'em away yourself. (Major Tom)

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