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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Pinocchio's Top Ten Pet Peeves

(submitted by Mr. Myxzptlk)

10. Termites (Tristan)
9. Pencil sharpeners (AlHubb)
8. Losing out on the most recognizable nose competition to Rudolph... and Sarah Jessica Parker (Wiki)
7. He just can't keep that sap from dripping out his nose. (AlHubb)
6. Getting tricked into saying "this statement is false." (junkshop_coyote)
5. Getting that drunken bachelor party tattoo removed requires six turpentine treatments and a belt sander. (MLehde)
4. Walter was wrong ... Thompson's Water Seal did NOT bring back his youthful finish. (Magus Noan)
3. People playing "Gothcha Nose!" (FB09)
2. The way everyone looks at him when the campfire starts getting low (WAM)
1. Science has yet to develop a termite repellent that doesn't leave his hair dried and unmanageable. (MLehde)

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