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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Grocery Store Pick-Up Lines

(submitted by Madam Annie Whittington)

10. I was gonna grab the spicy salsa, but now I'm grabbing the mild because baby, you are "muy caliente." (finlero)
9. Clean up in aisle 5 because an angel just fell from heaven. (johnnycp)
8. Does your name happen to be fajita? Because you are sizzling! (FB09)
7. Just one question. Iceberg or romaine? (Buffalo Gal)
6. Special today, I'm only 99 cents a pound. (The Evil Professor Ragan)
5. You must have picked up that box of linguini by accident, because you've already got the hair of an angel. (finlero)
4. I only need a couple items. Would you consider cart-pooling? (Bentley bones)
3. Lettuce leaf this place, carrot all our stuff to the car and see what we can turnip. (Stephen H)
2. Excuse me, but could you used this coupon for a free meaningful relationship? (Bentley Bones)
1. Sorry I keep bumping into you. My cart has a wheel that only wants to turn toward you. (Bentley Bones)

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