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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Candidates for Admission to the Periodic Table

(submitted by Bob Clemmons)

10. Ma: Manamanamium (Just to watch the poor sucker pronounce that) (Furcas)
9. Bb: Barber blue stuff (The blue stuff barbers keep combs in) (Micklin T. Rahe, Haircut Free Since 2011)
8. Nk: Nokiddium (the main ingredient of "news" reports that state the obvious) (Maniac Bob)
7. R: Ralph Nader (seems like he's always a candidate whether we like it or not) (finlero)
6. Fl: Flatulinium (light but deadly) (IOIO to work IGO)
5. Hl: Helium Light (one quarter the atomic mass of regular Helium but only half the... hey wait a minute... that's Hydrogen!) (MLehde)
4. Ox: Oxygen II (The sequel to the popular element) (Outsyder)
3. Arn (a common metal used in Oklahoma) (Stephen H)
2. Cg: Congressium (Atomic weight 535, usually inert but when it becomes active the results are disastrous for somebody) (AlHubb)
1. Su: Surprisium (The element of surprise) (Ilsoap, Ilsoap)

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