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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for Cardboard Boxes

(submitted by Light Warrior)

10. Oh, man, they can be rocket ships, covered wagons, school bus, the Titanic...sometimes 2 or more at the same time. (AlHubb (Been there, done that))
9. Flatten and use to cover the hole in the floor board of your 1978 Chevy Vega. (Buffalo Gal)
8. Paint one side on every box grey, one side green, two sides white, a letter one of the white sides, and you've got one big "Wheel Of Fortune" puzzleboard. (The Evil Professor Ragan)
7. You never know when you'll need a breakdancing mat. (CrazyPopeye)
6. Covered with duct tape, they make great luggage. (Buffalo Gal)
5. Get five of them, paint some dots on each side and you can play the biggest game of Yahtzee. (Micklin T. Rahe, Going For The Small Straight)
4. Well I can make a hat, or a broach, or a pteradactyl... (BABaker)
3. Transmogrifier (Good Ol' Horseface)
2. For endless hours of fun fill them with all manner of vermin, gift wrap them, then leave them on the seat of your convertible. (AlHubb)
1. Useful for storing your supply of packing peanuts (AlHubb)

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