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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Anniversary Gifts

(submitted by jonestown punchdrinker)

10. One plane ticket to Vegas, one to Hoboken (Stephen H)
9. First: Paper cuts (Major Tom)
8. Matching pink bowling ball, bowling shoes, and bowling outfit, when we'd been bowling as a family exactly one time previously. (I could probably fill this entire list with gifts my dad's given over the years)
7. Hiring "Gilbert Gottfried" to sing renditions of your favorite wedding songs...Polka Style! (5-CraZy Minutes)
6. Honey, just for our special day, I bought bagels and cream cheese that weren't on sale! (Mute)
5. A plastic rain poncho, and assorted things from the check out counter at the gas station (BABaker)
4. A submission on an internet top ten list in her name. (Wools)
3. Twenthy Fifth: Silverfish (Major Tom)
2. "The Idiot's Guide to Dieting" hardback edition (lefty)
1. "To Bill, A perfect 10 on our perfect Tenth" ... except its your 15th and your wife's name is Julie. (WAM)

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