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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Playing Too Many Video Games

(submitted by English Pete)

10. In the spring you were looking for zombie-proof sunflower seeds to plant in the north 40. (Buffalo Gal)
9. You want your tombstone to say "LEVEL UP." (junkshop_coyote)
8. You're actually accessing CSITTL from within Grand Theft Auto V, which you are playing inside Minecraft. (Gregoryl09)
7. You've turned Trick-or-Treating into a real-life Candy Crush challenge. (rorschak)
6. Your friend asks you if you want to blay basketball, and you say "Sure, I'll get the disk!" (BABaker)
5. While driving, you've racked up several points ... on your license. (Strat)
4. Every time you see an odd looking car, you expect Robert Preston to get out and recruit you to be a starfighter. (BABaker)
3. After burning your breakfast, you find yourself wishing you had saved after you woke up because now you have to go back all the way back to playing charades with your in-laws last night. (Rigoletto)
2. Your get-rich-quick scheme has hit a snag: no matter how many rats you kill, none of them seem to drop loot. (Krig the Viking)
1. You list "Hardhitter_297" as your emergency contact. (BABaker)

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