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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Cows' Top Ten Most Famous Achievements

(submitted by Punkupine)

10. The high-flying season they charted with three songs, including a number two with "Good Moovations." Then it all fell apart -- spiked milk, gentian violet addiction, and, finally, the horn player choked to death on his own cud! (anglesius)
9. Traveling to the moon hundreds of years before humans -- at least that's Mother Goose's story (lefty)
8. Burning down Old MacDonald's farm (Good Ol' Cowface)
7. Succeeding in keeping their ability to talk a secret from us for the last several thousand years (MLehde)
6. Somehow convincing people they're cute despite being huge, smelling terrible, and having enormous...leavings (Outsyder)
5. The scene stealing moment in the movie Twister (Warchild)
4. Turning grass and water into steak (Wools)
3. Kicking that pig to the front of the line at the Rawlings football factory when they saw football was catching on (wheels)
2. Their frequent appearances in "The Far Side," most famously, the one Woody on "Cheers" didn't get (Kanthony Von Schiffendecker)
1. Getting the US government to study their farts. No one is interested in mine. (junkshop_coyote)

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