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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Books are Cool

(submitted by Kent)

10. Tenting your laptop over your face in the summer sun isn't quite as relaxing (Major Tom)
9. Books don't talk back or whistle at you just when you're getting into the really good parts. (Major Tom)
8. Just try coloring on you Kindle. (Maniac Bob)
7. You don't have to buy a new charger every time a new one comes out. (Mute)
6. Performing spells from an actual copy of the Necrinomicon is a lot more visually effective than preforming them from you Kindle. (looneybin)
5. Books are like vintage kindles, and vintage things are totally in right now. (Mute, Maniac Bob)
4. You can level anything with a good book: tables, beds, cribs, a couch with a missing leg... anything. (BABaker, richard cypher, Mute, ChucK1863)
3. "The judge threw the kindle which is a registered trademark of amazon dot com at me" just does not have the same ring to it (quistis, lefty)
2. Asking a girl if you can carry her iPad for her is creepy. (lefty)
1. There are, like, THOUSANDs of tweets in those things, man. (rorschak, AlHubb)

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