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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're at a Bad Baby Shower

(submitted by Madam Annie Whittington)

10. You played the same games at the honoree's bachelorette party. (Arcola Mike)
9. The games include "guess who's the father?" and "baby, baby who's got the @&$!# baby?" (sbrogdon)
8. Pink for Girls, blue for boys... Black leather and spikes for baaaad boys (Bentley Bones)
7. Instead of playing baby shower games, you spend the whole time putting together her bassinett and changing table as she just watches. (Strat)
6. The baby's grandfather is in the corner keeping a shotgun aimed at the father. (Mute)
5. The soon-to-be mom is drunker than you are. (JAM)
4. Two guys just showed up, both claiming to be the dad. (Dorian)
3. It's a combination "Baby shower/First 25 years of birthdays/College graduation Party" because his mom was just too busy with his older sister to celebtrate anything. (WAM)
2. You win the door prize for the worst stretch marks. (Arcola Mike)
1. Grandma begins to demonstrate how to use the breast pump. (Arcola Mike)

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