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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Last-Minute Tax Preparation Tips

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Don't claim Top Ten List expenses as a deduction unless your name is Christian or Scott. The IRS does not have a sense of humor like Christian and Scott. (RAM)
9. Think ahead and prepare to file an amendment, probably the fifth, when you submit your original return. (Arcola Mike)
8. Give your pets human-sounding names so it won't look suspicious when you count them as dependants. (lefty)
7. Mine craft is not a tax exempt religion. (Warchild)
6. No matter what he tells you, your bookie is probably not a licensed CPA. (DA maNA)
5. Selling Crack in Washington DC is not "capitol gains." (Warchild)
4. Your legal expenses for "live and learn" experiences, such as offering to sell illegal items to an undercover agent, are considered educational expenses and may be deducted. (Arcola Mike)
3. "Married Filing Cluelessly" is not a filing status option. (Arcola Mike)
2. Recount your kids to make sure you get it right this time. (Chuck1863)
1. "Ladies and gentlemen, Last Call for flight two-ninety-seven to Havana, now boarding at gate eleven..." (Squeezette)

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